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Meade Infinity 60 AZ Refractor Telescope Review: Not a Bad Choice

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Infinity 60 is one of the cheapest, buyable telescope models.

Summary Review

Meade 60 certainly is a considerable upgrade from Meade 50. If you can’t stretch your budget 20$ for Meade 70, it may be a reasonable choice.

The 60mm aperture and long focal length are able to provide a detailed image of Rings of Saturn. The rings look separate from the planet. Only for this experience Meade 60 might be worth it.

A 70mm refractor would have %36, and a 60mm refractor would have %78 more light gathering ability.

You can also see the Moon in great detail. Jupiter and its 4 Galilean Moon’s, Mars and Venus are also visible.

Deep space objects such as the Orion Nebula and a few star clusters are also possible to see. The wing shape of the start structure is clearly visible, which is a huge win with a telescope at this price range. As long as the object you are looking at is bright, you will get a clear image of it.

If you are OK with low power optics there two things you should be aware of with this telescope. The first one is the tripod. Since the field view is extremely narrow and magnification is high, the tiniest movement will affect your observations. And the tripod that comes with Meade 60 is not sturdy. 

Second thing is that the eyepieces that come with Meade 60 are the cheapest models available. So be ready to spend 20-30$ more on a good quality eyepiece if you are going to buy this telescope. At least it is recommended. A good eyepiece will make your experience much better.

There is a Barlow lens included which will double the magnification of any eyepiece you are using. There is also a simple red dot finder which is a standard among budget telescopes. It is useful and will be more than enough for a 60mm telescope.

In conclusion Meade 60 is buyable. Just be aware of the fact that this is a really cheap telescope. But for seeing famous major planets and celestials, it might be worth it.