Although the build quality feels cheap, StarSense technology is groundbreaking.

Meade ETX 80 is tempting due to its low-price.

Most of the cost of StarNavigator 102 NG goes to its expensive, well-built GoTo computer.

Meade Model S102 comes with a terrible mount that pulls the whole package down.

StarPro 102AZ could have been genius if not for its minor issues.

Meade StarPro 90AZ is what a starter telescope should be.

Meade StarPro 80AZ is better than most budget refractors, but it has its weaknesses.

Meade StarPro 70 is a bold improvement over the already brilliant Infinity 70.

Telmu 70mm Refractor is not a serious astronomy device. But it may be a nice gift for your kid.

Celestron Travel Scope 50 lacks purpose and build quality.