The StarSense Explorer App is what saves LT 80AZ from the abyss of Celestron’s useless, overpriced beginner models.

Although the build quality feels cheap, StarSense technology is groundbreaking.

Meade ETX 80 is tempting due to its low-price.

Most of the cost of StarNavigator 102 NG goes to its expensive, well-built GoTo computer.

Meade Model S102 comes with a terrible mount that pulls the whole package down.

StarPro 102AZ could have been genius if not for its minor issues.

Meade StarPro 90AZ is what a starter telescope should be.

Meade StarPro 80AZ is better than most budget refractors, but it has its weaknesses.

Meade StarPro 70 is a bold improvement over the already brilliant Infinity 70.

Telmu 70mm Refractor is not a serious astronomy device. But it may be a nice gift for your kid.