The Celestron CPC 800 GPS is a rather bulky telescope for its aperture, but it’s packed with performance and versatility.

The Celestron CPC 925 GPS is a fairly versatile scope and is great if you don’t plan on doing much imaging.

The Celestron CPC 1100 GPS is an absolute monster of a telescope, and probably isn’t best as a beginner or “only” instrument – but boy, does it deliver.

StarNavigator NG 90 Refractor has a major problem; the tripod.

Celestron ExploraScope 114AZ seems like a cheap, high-powered telescope. The problem is this is achieved with a flawed optical design.

Celestron PowerSeeker 127 is a marketing scam. Unfortunately, it is one of the worst telescope models and is popular among innocent beginners.

Orion StarMax 90 is an excellent telescope for viewing the Moon and major planets such as Saturn and Jupiter. Its optics are perfect for high magnifications. But unfortunately, it comes with a downside.

Although Meade Polaris 127 seems promising, it is not nearly as good as you might think. Just get its older brother, Polaris 130.