Month: July 2020

StarPro 102AZ could have been genius if not for its minor issues.

Meade StarPro 90AZ Review Cover

Meade StarPro 90AZ is what a starter telescope should be.

StarPro 80AZ

Meade StarPro 80AZ is better than most budget refractors, but it has its weaknesses.

Meade StarPro 70 is a bold improvement over the already brilliant Infinity 70.

Telmu 70mm Refracting Telescope Review Cover

Telmu 70mm Refractor is not a serious astronomy device. But it may be a nice gift for your kid.

Celestron Travel Scope 50 Review Cover

Celestron Travel Scope 50 lacks purpose and build quality. 

Gskyer 600x90mm Cover

The holy Amazon algorithm is at work again with awful product recommendations.

Celestron PowerSeeker 80AZ Review Cover

Celestron PowerSeeker 80 is a surprisingly capable, well-priced telescope. 

Celestron PowerSeeker 70AZ Cover

Celestron PowerSeeker 70AZ, similar to its siblings, is a good refractor that comes with useless accessories. 

Celestron PowerSeeker is one of the cheapest, “real” telescopes in the market. But unfortunately, this telescope is not buyable in any circumstance.