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Picture of Zane Landers

Zane Landers

Zane Landers is an amateur astronomer and telescope maker from Arizona. Zane builds and regularly observes with Dobsonian telescopes as large as 40" in aperture, and grinds his own mirrors, with his favorite telescope being a 14.7" f/2.9 built to resemble a conventional 8" in size and weight. Zane has been featured in Sky & Telescope, TIME magazine, National Geographic, the Arizona Daily Star, and Astronomy Technology Today. Zane is a major advocate for amateur astronomers to join and assist the American Association of Variable Star Observers ( to help monitor and study variable stars - which can be done even with a modest backyard telescope. He also highly recommends joining and assisting the International Dark Sky Association ( to mediate urban light pollution, not only for the sake of astronomy but also to protect wildlife and improve human health.

Picture of Richard J. Bartlett

Richard J. Bartlett

Born in England, Richard J. Bartlett has had a passion for astronomy since the age of six. Besides being featured in Sky & Telescope magazine and previously having his own monthly column in Astronomy magazine, he’s written and published a number of books (US Amazon and UK Amazon) including several for Orion Telescopes. Now residing in southern California, Richard never misses an opportunity to stare at the stars.